Stress Index is a very usefull tool to determine the optimal ventilation settings for patients with acute respiratory distress sindrom (ARDS).Stress Index

With FluxMed monitors it is very easy to measure the patient's Stress Index. It just require to connect the monitor to the patient and to set the ventlator to a constant waveform.

The rationale of this index is to cuantify the curvature of the airway pressure waveform when ventilated with a constant flow. If the value is below 0.9 reflects that the pattient is ventilated in a recluting derecluting cycle. If the value is above 1.1 it is hiperinflated and if it is between 0.9 and 1.1 it is ventilated in the safe-zone.

With this tool is very easy to set PEEP and VT in ARDS patients avoiding alveolar colaps and overdistension.


Stress Index                Stress Index