Distansys consulta a distancia

  • Web Access
  • Telemonitoring
  • Medical History
  • Stock Management
  • Safety Information
  • Reduction in Cost






DISTANSYS Telemedicine for ventilated patients at home.

Distansys is a telemedicine system specially designed to meet the monitoring needs of patients requiring mechanical ventilation at home.


Distance medical consulting

Real-time patient’s information access, gives both the patient and the health care staff the possibility of quick medical consultation for an immediate response.


Patients’ emotional support

The patient will feel more at ease when knowing that his doctor can have access to his state or condition at any moment and anywhere they are.


Medical History

It stores the medical history of the patient, the parameters and curves’ records and the reports from doctors, kinesiologists and nurses. It can be web-site consulted.


Safe information

The privacy of the patient’s information is guaranteed due to the use of encryption protocols for all communications, and access is done through password.


Cost Savings

Enables more efficient management of resources. In turn, to do a better patient monitoring, risky situations are minimized by reducing costly complications they generate.


Administrative facilities

By centralizing the information requested by the patient, the system allows for an easiness and automation of administrative procedures.


Non invasive ventilation

The flow sensor makes it possible to monitor patients with CPAP or BIPAP.