• Gastric pressure
  • Esophageal pressure
  • More than 40 Parameters
  • 7 Signals
  • 3 Loops
  • Stress Index
  • PTP Plot
  • Campbell Diagram
  • Tendency Graph
  • Pimax - Pemax - P0,1 Measurement
  • Signals Records




The monitor FluxMed GrT provide the ability to measure esophageal and gastric pressure simultaneously with the other parameters of respiratory mechanics quickly, reliably and easily.


Los monitores FluxMed GrT permiten monitorizar presione transdiafragmática permitiendo evaluar la actividad diafragmática en el ciclo respiratorio. Permitiendo tener una visión completa de lo que sucede con la mecánica respiratoria del paciente.


The monitor FluxMed GrT allow monitoring transdiaphragmatic pressure allowing to evaluate diaphragmatic activity in the respiratory cycle. Allowing a full view of what happens to the patient's respiratory mechanics.

It is fundamental to conduct clinical research taking a detailed and comprehensive respiratory mechanics patient monitoring tool.

Gastric pressure

Gastric pressure allows the professional to detect diaphragmatic dysfunction, paradoxical efforts, measure the respiratory work provided by the diaphragm and determine which mechanical ventilation in assisted mode more efficient.

Esophageal pressure

To measure esophageal pressure work of breathing the patient is made and partition it in its different elastic and resistive components. Allowing the clinician observing the PTP or Campbell diagram, adjust the ventilator to meet the real needs of the patient.

Ventilated patients

The respiratory mechanics monitor FluxMed GrT can be connected directly to a ventilated both assisted and controlled so patient. Makes it possible to analyze in detail the patient-ventilator synchronization, observe patient futile efforts, streamline recruitment maneuvers and detect possible complications simple and reliable way. It has been shown that using esophageal pressure may reduce patient weaning times.


The respiratory mechanics monitor FluxMed GrT presents much information screen that helps determine in advance the success of weaning a patient and allow the objective of tracking the evolution process separated from the ventilator.