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The real-time observation of the parameters of interest by the professional can prevent risky situations, adjusting treatments and contribute to the quality of care of ventilated patient.
Through FluxView software can acquire, record and read data from the patient's entire line of monitors FluxMed allowing advanced and comprehensive management.
This information is stored in the PC, regardless of the duration of the study.
The professional can read the signals and parameters universal file format, such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. FluxView study generates two files, one with high resolution signals and other parameters with each breath.

Faced with events that occurred during the monitoring that require further in its interpretation, the professional may review such records in the FluxReview software. It has the same benefits as the Fluxview mode and is a safe and effective tool for research across the field of health.

Great Screen Size
You can use high-resolution displays for greater comfort during monitoring and analysis of patient status.